Is Homework a Waste of Time?

Homework is an assignment given to learners by their teachers for tackling while at home or in free time. Day scholars will handle it at home and, in some cases, do it while within the school premises. It’s one of the ways to make learners concentrate more on their academic work. It also merits them to revise what they have already learned in class during the day. Learners who stay within the school will have to do it at any free time before the next lesson.

Despite being an important task for students, homework has created a greater imbalance. Proponents hold it as an excellent way to impact on learners’ academics. Those who reject it say that, at times, it is applied in a wrong way, which disadvantages learners. It has harmed stress and pressure on stakeholders on its applicability. Research shows pressure derived from homework causes insomnia. This is a situation where one develops poor sleeping habits. It may result from homework pressure. At times he or she lacks good sleep. This is due to the pressure and stress on how to tackle hard tasks or huge tasks within a limited period. Due to this, they get exhausted, especially in their minds. Their body weights also reduce as a result of stress. Stress results in poor feeding habits because of the pressure from the homework.

There is a theory of keeping students busy by giving them a lot of work to do. It makes them busy, but they don’t benefit at all. Students have varied talents and abilities. Giving them homework without considering their abilities makes it meaningless. This work cause stress to students, for example, when they have hard tasks to tackle alone. School time may be better if students get simple tasks for them to have time for other things. Such examples include co-curricular activities and social life. They will grow well, developing good social traits beneficial for their livelihood. Younger students should get a personal guided approach to classwork and learning. This gives parents an easy time to help their children in the learning process.

Some countries have digitized the education system. They give homework online for students to tackle it. The step has made nations like Finland to top among the leading education systems in the world. In this system, trust is the main virtue. Parents trust learners are safe in the hands of teachers at school. Teachers are also trusted by the school to deliver the right content.

Secondary life involves research topics for students to research for over six months. They present them in class in their ways. They develop useful life skills like skills in management, communication, and public speaking. They prepare them for future levels in academics and lives as a whole.

Giving homework for the sake of it makes it un-useful. That way, learners don’t benefit at all. In their next level in academics, it becomes stressful and hard for them to cope and perform. It may elongate to the family level making the student unfit in it. New approaches make it possible for students to get and learn new skills. It can be via extra-curricular activities creating time for friends and families. They engage in vital individual tasks while at home. They develop a curious mindset eager to get new aspects in academics. It leads to their success.

Homework isn’t bad at all. All that matters is the mode of application to make it favorable to learners. Check on students’ ability to decide the quantity of homework to give. Slow minds should get easy tasks compared to sharp minds.

Is Homework a Waste of Time?

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