Facts & Statistics: Why Are Modern Students Given Too Much Homework?

Students have been doing homework although the majority do not enjoy it. After-school tasks have their benefits but the issue comes in when it becomes too much to handle. Most college students feel that they are assigned too much schoolwork to complete at home. This deprives them of the opportunity to engage in other equally important activities. Even so, there should be a way to determine whether the homework assigned is too much or just enough. Researchers have done studies to establish the cause of stress among students as far as after-school tasks are concerned.

How Much Homework is too much?

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, students find it stressful to spend even two extra hours doing homework after school. They would like to have free time after school to be with friends, go on Twitter and Facebook. Having too much schoolwork to do while at home has also caused strained relationships with family members. This is because they no longer spend enough time together. Issues like theses cause students to have mental problems and general life imbalance. This is not to shed homework in a bad light but rather to draw the line between enough and too much. 

Homework is meant to improve students’ performance and not to bring it down. Teachers should assign after-school tasks just enough to keep the students engaged without suffocating their social life. That way, the purpose will be achieved and learners will remain healthy physically, mentally, and psychologically. Attending fun clubs, sporting activities, and parties are considered healthy and needful especially for young minds. Even though hiring professionals is also an option, it would be more beneficial for students to complete their homework by themselves.

How Much Homework is Ok?

Even though this could mean different things to different people, it is universally agreed that anything that makes a student’s life miserable is not ok. Normally, teachers assign homework according to the amount of time that students will be away from school. For instance, if students will be away for their long summer break, then they will need enough work to keep them occupied. Students can forget most of what they learned in school if they do not have a constant reminder. However, this does not mean that they should be overloaded, and professionals on 123Homework are always ready to help you with loads of homework fast and effortless.

Instead of filling up the holidays with long and complex assignments, students would be better off with well-spread tasks. This way, they can still enjoy their holiday and complete their homework without feeling robbed. After all, their life away from school informs their performance in school. According to research done by Denis Pope, an author, most high school students spent more than three hours on homework daily after school. This was considered unhealthy since the stress levels of these students were high. 

In Conclusion

Learning is for a lifetime and it is what makes life interesting. However, as far as school work is concerned, there should be a healthy balance. Spending more than two hours after school to complete homework is not healthy for students.

Facts & Statistics: Why Are Modern Students Given Too Much Homework?

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