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1st November 2018, Park Plaza Victoria, London
Call: 020 7313 4933

the Future

In conversation with the Small Business Commissioner

The Small Business Commissioner, Paul Uppal, was appointed to help tackle late payment by offering advice on solving disputes, handling complaints and mediating between SMEs and their large customers. We will discuss with Paul Uppal how the office of Commissioner can help BESA members resolve disputes and what the Commissioner is doing to make a difference.

A supporter of reforming late payment, retentions and other bad practice, Paul Uppal has 5 years’ experience as an MP in Wolverhampton and 20 years running his own small construction and real estate business. Join BESA Public Affairs and Policy Manager, in conversation with Small Business Commissioner Paul Uppal, for your chance to ask what his office can do for you and what you need as a small business.

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